A photo from Chalkdust

I talked to the students from UCL who edit Chalkdust magazine about science, statistics, government and more besides.  

A photo from Chalkdust

For more about statistics and Modern Slavery, watch this TEDx talk

When I was at the Home Office, I was interviewed for the house magazine Inside Track.   You can read the article here

Todd Landman interviewing Bernard Silverman

The Rights Track is a series of podcasts about human rights, hosted by Professor Todd Landman of Nottingham University. Here's an interview with me called "Crunching numbers: modern slavery and statistics."

The 2022 Florence Nightingale Lecture at the University of Oxford surveys some statistical approaches to Modern Slavery and considers their contribution to what is an important and disturbing aspect of public policy. In particular there are broader questions about presenting statistical evidence in an area where there is so much uncertainty. There are some (imperfect) analogies with Florence Nightingale’s own work and campaign leading to the Public Health Act 1875, which saved the lives of millions.   
You can download the slides from the lecture and/or watch recordings of the lecture and panel discussion.

You might also be interested in a segment in More or Less on BBC Radio 4 (starting 9:50 mins in) and a webinar from Freedom Collaborative.  A seven-minute talk on Multiple Systems Estimation and on the need for open data and open research is available on this UN Web TV seminar (starting 46:02 mins in).